Charlie the Karate Chimp

Charlie was born December 31,1985 to the parents of George and Bubbles of Miami, Florida. He was put on the pet trade market to be sold, Charlie had three different homes before entering his permanent home with Carmen and Christie Presti in Niagara Falls, NY.

Charlie was 15 months old when the Presti's acquired this little ball of energy, but they both vowed if they were to bring this ape into their home they would care for him throughout the duration of his life. Most of Charlie's days are occupied with Carmen. Carmen brings him to the Karate Studio while he works out. After spending time with Carmen at the studio, Charlie began to pick up some karate techniques. From there it blossomed into kicking and punching, practicing on a red focus pad. Carmen began to teach Charlie Karate, it became his daily activity. After a couple of years, Charlie progressed in the sport and started touring the karate circuit. Every karate studio Charlie visited and every tournament he attended, the black belts treated him with such respect, not just as a black belt. but as an individual.

Charlie is now 17 years old, weighing 200 lbs., standing 4 1/2 feet tall. When you first meet him,Charlie puts on a dominant display of slapping the floor and walls of his enclosure while throwing his toys around. His displays last around three minutes. then his intelligence and great personality comes out. Charlie loves adults who are silly and especially children because of their playfulness. He dislikes violence on TV and mean people. Charlie allows his owners to perform medical procedures on him without anesthetic or chemical immobilization including physical exams, blood work and suturing.

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